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Taxa: Phaseolus acutifolius, Phaseolus acutifolius var. acutifolius, Phaseolus acutifolius var. latifolius, Phaseolus acutifolius var. tenuifolius
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pilotorch2 - Now TEX for TORCH Georef testing

TEX00018032Ellen Keough   1151964-09-23
United States, Texas, Jeff Davis, Between dining hall of Mitre Peak Girl Scout Camp at Fern Canyon and different camp sites, ending at Comanche unit.

TEX00202384James S. Henrickson   132741973-09-19
Mexico, Coahuila, Torreon, Ca 27 (air) mi SE of Torreón, in NE-SW running canyon in Sierra de Jinulco, ca 6 (air) mi SSW of La Rosita, 1 mi along trail to summit beyond rd end, 25.18333 -103.26667

TEX00272987Matt Lavin|Scott Sundberg   49031984-08-20
Mexico, Chihuahua, NW of Chihuahua, 14.1 mi W of Hwy 45, 6.1 mi E of Cumbres de Majalca

TEX00272988Matt Lavin   51631984-10-04
Mexico, Guerrero, 12.7 mi S of Chilpancingo (Stuate at north end of town) along 95 toward Acapulo

TEX00272989Matt Lavin|Scott Sundberg   50721984-08-30
Mexico, Jalisco, W of Ameca along rd to Los Volcanes. 16.5 mi E of Mixtlán

TEX00272990Matt Lavin|Scott Sundberg   49861984-09-24
Mexico, Sonora, 4.9 mi W of the Maicova airstrip. 18.5 mi W of the Chihuahua/Sonora border along main gravel rd from Tomochic to Cd. Obregón

TEX00272991Pedro Tenorio L.|C. Romero de T.|J. Ignacio S.|P. Dávila Aranda   102541985-10-06
Mexico, Sonora, Cañada verde 19Km , al E de Agua Caliente

TEX00272992A. Delgado S.|José García P.   10421978-11-08
Mexico, Sinaloa, Ca 2 Km N of Revolcaderos on rt. 40, very close to Durango-Sinaloa state line

TEX00272993A. Delgado S.|José García P.   10271978-11-06
Mexico, Durango, Nombre de Dios, Nombre de Dios

TEX00272994Pedro Tenorio L.|J. Ignacio S.|C. Romero de T.   98501985-09-11
Mexico, Durango, Topia, Topia

TEX00272995Matt Lavin|Scott Sundberg   50021984-09-27
Mexico, Durango, 2.3 mi N of Cd. Durango (Ave Felipe Pescador) on Hwy 45 to Cd Chihuahua

TEX00272996A. Delgado S.   117781982-10-05
Mexico, Jalisco, Mascota, 19 Km al NE de Mascota

TEX00273000Cyrus Guernsey Pringle   11281886-10-08
Mexico, Chihuahua

TEX00273001Andrew C. Sanders|G. Ballmer|D. Charlton|Oscar F. Clarke|A. Mayor   92931989-09-05
Mexico, Sonora, Summit of Cerro Prieto in the vicinity of the microwave station, 15 Km E of Navojoa above the rd to Alamos, 27.25 -109.28333

TEX00273002Richard S. Felger|James Aronson|Avi Shmida   84-541984-10-14
Mexico, Sonora, 10 Km S of Benjamin Hill (Km 115 N of Méx) on Méx 15

TEX00273003Andrew C. Sanders|I. García|Tim Ross|Beth M. Rothschild|L. Vázquez   117041991-09-22
Mexico, Jalisco, Zapotitlan de Vadillo, Rancho El Jabalí, 22 Km (airline) N of Colima in the SW foothills of the Vol de Colima, 19.45 -103.68333

TEX00273004Muller   34431939-01-01
Mexico, Chihuahua, Cañón de Huahuatan, 10 mi SE of Madera

TEX00404068Barton H. Warnock   227771967-09-24
United States, Texas, Jeff Davis, Along Limpia Creek; Davis Mountains State Park.

TEX00404069L. C. Hinckley   s.n.1935-09-14
United States, Texas, Jeff Davis, Goat Canyon, Mt. Livermore.

TEX00404070Barton H. Warnock   W8151940-09-08
United States, Texas, Jeff Davis, Fern Canyon, north of Alpine.

TEX00428547John A. Churchill   927001992-09-17
United States, Texas, Jeff Davis, Fort Davis. Along Limpia River ca. 3 km above entrance of Ft. Davis S.P.

TEX00476048Billie Lee Turner   99-6641999-08-10
United States, Texas, Brewster, Turner Canyon, ca. 5 airline miles west of Alpine. About home.

pilotorch3 - Now OKLA for TORCH Georef testing

OKLA020019745Barton H. Warnock   W8151940-09-08
United States, Texas, Jeff Davis, Fern Canyon, north of Alpine

University of Texas collab with BRIT

BRIT354598S. W. Oefinger   TPWD SO 431972-09-27
United States, Texas, El paso, Hueco Tanks State Park, Comanche Cave.

NLU0167278R. D. Worthington   146781986-08-21
United States, Texas, El paso, Franklin Mtns, 0.3 mi. NW of Indian Spring and 1.3 air mi. ENE top of North Franklin Mtn., 31.839315 -106.50537, 1494m

Page 1, records 1-25 of 25

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