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Dataset: All Collections
Taxa: Parthenice mollis, Parthenice mollis var. peninsularis, Parthenice mollis var. mollis
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Angelo State Natural History Collections Herbarium (TEST)

9155D. J. Pinkava   148431968-12-10
United States, Arizona, Santa Cruz, southeast of Patagonia, just north of Boy Scout Camp, flat, 31.500906 -110.708989

pilotorch2 - Now TEX for TORCH Georef testing

TEX00129449Dennis E. Breedlove|F. S. Kawahara   609941984-08-23
Mexico, Sonora, 23 Km WNW of Bacanora, on rd to Mazatan and Hermosillo

TEX00129450Andrew C. Sanders|G. Ballmer|D. Charleton|Oscar F. Clarke|A. Mayor   93231989-09-05
Mexico, Sonora, 1 mi (1.6 Km) W of Ejido Francisco Villa, on the rd from Navojoa to Alamos, ca 18 mi W of Alamos, 27.08333 -109.2

TEX00129452Harde LeSueur   14631937-07-23
Mexico, Chihuahua, Río Aros

TEX00129453Alejandro Hernández V.|German Bojórquez   6461988-08-10
Mexico, Sinaloa, Culiacan, Imala, panteón de Imala

TEX00129455Thomas R. Van Devender|Rebecca K. Van Devender|Tony L. Burgess|R. J. Rondeau|John F. Wiens   91-4721991-03-16
Mexico, Baja California Sur, 20.4 mi ESE of San Ignacio, on Méx Hwy 1, 27.41389 -112.60694

TEX00129456Annetta Carter   50501965-09-29
Mexico, Baja California Sur, 1.6 Km N of San Javier, 25.86667 -111.55

TEX00129457Lowell E. Urbatsch|Ronald L. Hartman|Ray E. Umber|Jo Umber   12021973-04-13
Mexico, Baja California Sur, Ca 1 mi NE of San José Comondu

TEX00191438Thomas R. Van Devender|Ana Lilia Reina G.   97-9241997-08-14
Mexico, Sonora, Imuris, Imuris, 30.78028 -110.85361

TEX00195866David J. Keil|Thomas F. Daniel|Mark Mohlenbrock|Mary L. Butterwick|Peg Gallagher|D. Wood   167971983-01-11
Mexico, Baja California Sur, NE of Las Cuevas; 1.1 mi S of Microontas Las Barcitas and E along dirt rd ca 1.5 mi toward Rancho San Agustín

TEX00432169Thomas R. Van Devender|Ana L. Reina-Guerrero   2005-10772005-07-02
Mexico, Sonora, Arizpe, 11.3 km west of Sinoquipe on SON 54 to Cucurpe., 30.1775 -110.33583

Page 1, records 1-11 of 11

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