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Taxa: Cerastium texanum (Stellaria montana)
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Arizona State University Vascular Plant Herbarium

ASU0104203Edward Gilbert   5652001-04-24
United States, Arizona, Coconino, Lower West Fork Canyon of Oak Creek; 9 miles north of Sedona; ca. 1000 feet up West Fork from confluence with Oak Creek' up steep, mossy left hand slope; within northern section of Red Rock/Secret Mountain Wilderness, 34.9903 -111.749, 1616m

pilotorch2 - Now TEX for TORCH Georef testing

TEX00212263Thomas R. Van Devender|Ana Lilia Reina G.|S. L. Friedman   96-561996-03-09
Mexico, Sonora, Yecora, Arroyo Los Huerigos (tributary of Arroyo San Nicolas) at Méx 16, 9.3 Km W of Tepoca, 3.5 Km WNW (by air) of San Nicolas, 28.43 -109.19194

TEX00212264Thomas R. Van Devender|Ana Lilia Reina G.   97-4091997-03-29
Mexico, Sonora, Yecora, Ciénega de Camilo, 6.3 Km E of El Kipor, 11.2 Km W of Chihuahua border on Méx 16, 28.425 -108.56806

TEX00212265Andrew C. Sanders|D. Charlton|B. McIntosh|V. Van Way|Gibeaut|Gould   47601984-03-22
Mexico, Chihuahua, Barranca del Cobre, 25.5 mi S of Creel and 2.5 mi N of Basihuare on the rd to La Bufa, Sa Madre Occidental, 27.48333 -107.5

TEX00212266Pedro Tenorio L.|C. Romero de T.   135351987-05-20
Mexico, Sonora, Cananea, La Mina 4 km al S de Puerto Cananea, 30.98333 -110.36667

TEX00239785Andrew C. Sanders|K. Kirtland|D. Emery|Jan West|T. Ackerman   25431982-04-03
Mexico, Sonora, Alamos, Alamos wash less than 1 mi E of Alamos along the rd to the Village of Mercedes, 27.01667 -108.91667

Page 1, records 1-6 of 6

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